Agri-Food Waste Day Conference

Agri-Food Waste Day Conference

On the 17 October, Waste2Fuels participated in the Agri-food waste day conference, co-hosted by NoAW and Agrocycleboth projects funded under H2020, the European Research and Innovation scheme. The aim of the conference was to bring together different stakeholders and share opinions about circular economy challenges and activities in the agri-food sector. During the event latest development in technologies and systems across the industry chain, from on-farm production systems, through retail and on to the consumer; and beyond into the bio-economy built on the agri-food ‘circular economy’.

NoAW and Agrocycle projects presented their achievements and shared best practices, giving concrete examples of circular economy models.

Results on agricultural wastes co and by-products mapping have been presented in relation to the methodological approach adopted. Data concerning the availability of agricultural and solid wastes in EU 28 has been presented and focus has been paid mainly on food waste, solid residues used for bio-energy, Municipal organic wastes, cellulosic wastes material.

Perspectives and recommendations on steps to move further have also been suggested, highlighting the valorization potential of AWCBs, which are produced in significant quantities throughout the EU28. Conclusions were mainly focused on the need for selection of specific agricultural commodities and generation of data on a smaller spatial scale as well as the focus on AWCBs from processing stage in specific sites with high availability.

The conference was a good occasion for Waste2fuels to be promoted and to create synergies and share best practices with other project addressing similar challenges.