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  • Insights from the biofuel world

    Insights from the biofuel world

    Last summer the SFT (Sustainable Transport Forum) approved the Final Report elaborated by the Sub-Group on Advanced Biofuels, which consists of 32 industry experts representing all advanced biofuels value chains and transport sectors, such as aviation and maritime. The mandate of the Sub-Group was to develop strategies facilitating the deployment and use of advanced biofuels […]

  • Latest updates on WP1

    Latest updates on WP1

      After one year of activities, several results have been achieved: Under the WP1 (selection of renewable feedstock for ABE fermentation), a preliminary analysis has been conducted by ITACYL together with ENCO on agro-food waste, in order to select the most suitable AFWs wastes to be investigated for biobutanol production. The selected agro-food waste (potato […]

  • Latest updates on WP2

    Latest updates on WP2

      Activities concerning the WP2 (metabolic engineering for biomass conversion to butanol) have been carried out by WEIZMANN. A library of lignocellulolytic enzymes has been developed and a panel of mixtures tested on the four different types of untreated agro-wastes. High levels of enzymatic degradation were observed on brewer’s spent grain by a mixture of […]

  • Latest updates on WP3

    Latest updates on WP3

      Under the WP3 (ABE fermentation solvent recovery), TU WIEN conducted activities aimed at recovery and concentration of the butanol mixture produced by fermentation. To this end, TU WIEN investigated pervaporation for product recovery in ABE fermentation. The focus was given to the comparison of different membrane materials near real process conditions. Obtained design parameters […]

  • Latest updates on WP4

    Latest updates on WP4

      Under the WP4 (Catalytic conversion of pure ethanol into butanol with a heterogeneous structured catalystic), activities related to the catalytic valorisation of ethanol to 1-butanol have been implemented by IRC-CNR. Bio-ethanol can be catalytically converted into butanol through alcohol dimerization called Guerbet reaction. Basic sites are essential to get Guerbet coupling of alcohol and […]

  • Latest updates on WP5

    Latest updates on WP5

      Since the start of the project, TEAGASC has investigated novel green and environmentally friendly extraction technologies to obtain valuable components from food wastes and their fermentation by-products for their valorisation. This task, under the WP5 (Valorisation of high-value by-products), has been conducted in close collaboration with WP1. Extractions assisted by microwave, power ultrasound, enzyme, […]

  • Latest updates on WP6

    Latest updates on WP6

      As an initial part of the activities of experimental tests on engines and burners, being part of the tasks in the WP6 (Industrial scale-up), UPM has begun to plan and prepare the test methodology, including the quantity and the origin of the butanol to be used in such tests. On the other hand, preliminary […]

  • Latest updates on WP8

    Latest updates on WP8

      During the first 14 months of the project, EXERGY Ltd, in collaboration with the project partners, has been working on the identification and initial assessment of different risks, mainly associated with the commercialisation of the main W2F processes and products (biobutanol) and sub-products (proteins, biogas, etc). The main risks are linked to the fluctuation […]

  • News from the world of biofuels

    News from the world of biofuels

      2017 most likely will be a turning point in the implementation of the Energy Union objectives and the 2030 climate and Energy package. Several initiatives are in place as the new Renewable Energy Directive for the period after 2020-2030, an updated EU Bioenergy Sustainability Policy. But do not forget commitments made in the 2015 […]