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  • Latest updates on WP1

    Latest updates on WP1

      After one year of activities, several results have been achieved: Under the WP1 (selection of renewable feedstock for ABE fermentation), a preliminary analysis has been conducted by ITACYL together with ENCO on agro-food waste, in order to select the most suitable AFWs wastes to be investigated for biobutanol production. The selected agro-food waste (potato […]

  • Latest updates on WP2

    Latest updates on WP2

      Activities concerning the WP2 (metabolic engineering for biomass conversion to butanol) have been carried out by WEIZMANN. A library of lignocellulolytic enzymes has been developed and a panel of mixtures tested on the four different types of untreated agro-wastes. High levels of enzymatic degradation were observed on brewer’s spent grain by a mixture of […]

  • Latest updates on WP3

    Latest updates on WP3

      Under the WP3 (ABE fermentation solvent recovery), TU WIEN conducted activities aimed at recovery and concentration of the butanol mixture produced by fermentation. To this end, TU WIEN investigated pervaporation for product recovery in ABE fermentation. The focus was given to the comparison of different membrane materials near real process conditions. Obtained design parameters […]

  • Latest updates on WP4

    Latest updates on WP4

      Under the WP4 (Catalytic conversion of pure ethanol into butanol with a heterogeneous structured catalystic), activities related to the catalytic valorisation of ethanol to 1-butanol have been implemented by IRC-CNR. Bio-ethanol can be catalytically converted into butanol through alcohol dimerization called Guerbet reaction. Basic sites are essential to get Guerbet coupling of alcohol and […]